Which baseball pitcher was the greatest pitcher of all time?

The Hall of Fame will have to choose a “best pitcher of the past 100 years” for a ballot that will have a minimum of 25 ballots to be filled out in 2019.

That would be in contrast to the last time the ballot had a minimum limit of five ballots in 2019, which resulted in the Hall of Famer and one-time All-Star Joe DiMaggio being enshrined.

In the years since the last ballot was filled out, many pitchers have been enshrined, but there have been some notable exceptions.

The most notable of these was former Red Sox ace Rick Sutcliffe, who was inducted in 2011, and former Astros ace J.J. Putz in 2014.

This year’s ballot is expected to have a total of 23 pitchers.

In all, there are more than 50 pitchers eligible for induction, but the Hall is likely to select one pitcher to each position.

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