Tiffany Holloware patterns sold at $1,000 to $4,000 per piece

Tiffany Hollowares patterns are sold at around $1 a piece on eBay.

A piece of the jewelry is typically valued at about $300 to $500.

But that price is only a fraction of the actual cost of the pattern.

The auction site allows users to enter an approximate value for the jewelry.

If the estimate is off by more than 50%, the buyer will have to pay the difference.

The listing says it is “not a dealer or authorized reseller.”

The listing includes links to the auction, which shows that the items are sold in various colors.

But the auction is only open to people who have the right “license to buy and sell” on the site.

The items can be purchased online or through the site’s physical stores, such as its Brooklyn store.

It is not clear if the items have been shipped.

The website also lists an “exception” that allows users who own the pattern to “trade for a Tiffany HollowARE” ring and bracelet that costs $4.50.

That item is sold separately on eBay, but that seller is not listed on the listing.

The sellers are also listed as being “not licensed dealers or authorized sellers of Tiffany HollowREA,” meaning they cannot be found at the physical store.

Tiffany Hollowreare pattern is one of many art patterns that are selling for $1 each on eBay and other online auction sites.

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