The silver hollowaren: A real world phenomenon

It is the latest example of the success of ceramic hollowarens in the sporting world, and the first time that they have gone beyond a mere niche to become a major brand. 

With the success that the hollowaren has had at the moment, the brand has made it clear that it wants to go further with its products. 

“We want to reach more people and that’s why we’re going to go after the next level, the next stage is to create more of a global audience,” the CEO of The Holloware Group, Marco Soll, said. 

Soll said that while there were already some ceramic hollowares on the market, the new ones were “much more innovative and we’re ready to take this to the next step”. 

“It’s the next phase in the evolution of the holloware,” he added. 

The company has already launched two hollowaren sports shoes in a range of different colors and styles. 

They are priced at €399, the same price as the traditional silver hollowares. 

And there are more than 1,000 different hollowares to choose from, ranging from the more affordable ceramic to the more expensive ceramic hollowar. 

Ceramic Holloware in Action: It’s not just the color of the ceramic that makes it unique, but the fact that it can be used in a number of different ways. 

For instance, in the case of the silver hollowarer, there are ceramic and gold versions. 

In a number, there is a “soft” and “hard” version of the same ceramic. 

There are also hollowares with various materials, including metal, ceramic, ceramic-nickel and metal-nickele. 

When you get to the point of using the hollowares in different ways, you’re bound to run into the issues of weight and flexibility. 

One of the most noticeable issues that you will run into is that the ceramic hollowarer tends to get in the way of other players trying to use them. 

As such, Soll says that the company has been working to come up with solutions to solve the issue. 

It was also revealed that the Holloware team is working on a new brand, one that has been designed for both men and women. 

That brand will be called the Silver Holloware, and it will be available in five colors. 

According to Soll it is the first step towards a “new world of hollowares”, as the company hopes to offer the hollowarer to both genders. 

More to come.

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