When a new hospital has a name: A history of silver hallmarks

The hospital, once called the Silver Hallmarks Hospital, was known for its silver and gold decorations.

The hospital’s name was changed to the Silver Holloware Hospital in 1935, and its name was pronounced “SHeH-loo-are.”

Silver was added to the hospital’s trademark, and in 1947, a silver hallmark was added for the Silverhall brand.

In 1957, a bronze hallmark replaced the silver, and the Silver Hillmark was renamed Silver Hollowan Hospital.

In the 1980s, silver was added as the hospital logo.

The hospital became one of the oldest hospitals in New Orleans, and Silver Hill was known as the Silver Palace Hotel.

Silver Hollowan, the hospital where the first patient was transferred to in the 1900s, opened in 1957.

In 2010, the Silver House Hospital, opened on the site of the hospital, opened.

The Silver Hollowane Hospital opened in 1973.