Maathews Holloware Vase ‘A Wonderful Gift’ From Her Father

By Elizabeth GiddensSource: Google News | Tags maathew holloware,vase,vault,grandmother source Google Press releasePublished: December 03, 2018 16:35:49The Maathew Holloware Holloware vases are one of the largest pieces of artwork from the Victorian artist Maatys Holloware, which are part of the collection at the museum, which opens on Thursday.

The vases, which were made in 1902, are valued at around $20,000, which Ms Holloware donated to the Museum of Contemporary Art Melbourne.

“I wanted to get a vase out of my father’s collection and just give it a little bit of life,” she said.

“It was a really nice gift.

It had so much history, so much culture, and it’s a great piece of art.”

She has been painting with a brush since childhood, and the vases she had bought for her father’s family are now at the Museum.

“They were from my dad’s collection,” she explained.

“There were other pieces he had, but I had a few of my own.”

“The vase was so huge.

It was one of my favourite pieces, so I wanted to give it something that was like it.”

Ms Holloware’s work has been recognised in various exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Victoria, and a number of museums and institutions have been looking into the vase.

The collection will open at the new Melbourne Museum on Thursday afternoon.

“My mum and my father were really into this.

I think they were really fascinated by the vats,” Ms Hollowar said.”[The vat] was so large.

The vases were like so many different things, so it was really interesting to me to have it here.”


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