Shrewsburg Holloware flats and other flats have a new owner

It’s been almost two months since Shrewstburg Hollowabbey’s residents woke up to find a new buyer for their house.

But the family that owns the property, known as the Holloware, has still not found a buyer to buy their flat.

The Holloware’s owners were forced to sell their home when their mortgage was due to be paid off.

The Hollowares are in a “very distressed” state, with the property’s former owners now struggling to make a living.

“The Hollowas have been completely devastated by the recent events, they’ve been living on the streets for over a year,” said the family’s lawyer, John McManus.

“They are now unable to pay their mortgage and are in dire financial circumstances.”

The family was looking for a buyer who could help pay off the mortgage and provide a secure place to live.

The Holloware is a community of just under 8,000 people in the north of the state.

It has been vacant for more than a year, since the former owners were unable to afford to buy the property.

When the Hollowabys first bought their home in 2016, the family was unsure whether they could afford the mortgage, and were only able to afford the amount they were able to pay for the house.

But they now believe they can afford the money owed, and they have been told the money will be repaid within the next six months.

Now, the Hollowarres are waiting to hear whether they will be able to keep their home.

One of the main problems with the Hollowas, the lawyers said, was that the owner was not able to secure a tenant to live in the property until they were satisfied the property was safe.

In order to do that, the owners were required to sign a tenancy agreement.

This meant the Hollowabs had to sign with their name, address and phone number on a piece of paper, and have it sent to the landlord.

However, it wasn’t until a few months later that the Hollowaby was given a tenant.

Unfortunately, the lease was not renewed for the next year, meaning the Hollowabies are now left to fend for themselves.

They were initially given an eight-month tenancy, but this was soon extended to a maximum of 12 months.

“The landlord and I have been negotiating with the landlord for a few weeks, and he has offered to pay us a fixed rent for the space, but we have no money to do so,” said John McBain.

Despite their desperation, the landlord and Hollowabie have been able to continue to maintain their properties.

There have been attempts to rent the property out, and the family is working to secure additional funding.

John McManuses said the Hollowaberres family had no intention of selling the property before a new tenant was secured.

While they are unable to secure any new tenants for their property, they are hoping the Hollows can help them find a solution to their mortgage.

Help from the communityThe Hollowabies are hoping that their plight will encourage others in the community to look for a solution.

A Facebook group called Hollowabikey has been set up to help with the family search.

People from across the country have also started a page called Hollowaberry, which is meant to help the Hollowabiks get in touch with local businesses.

If you would like to donate to the Hollowabee family, you can do so via GoFundMe.

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