When are we going to hear the first Everton fans?

The new year is here and the Everton supporters of the English Premier League are all waiting anxiously for the first confirmation that the club will be officially rebranded as Everton Football Club.

While many fans are still hoping that it will happen soon, Everton fans on social media are also beginning to worry that this may not be a long-term plan.

Some Everton fans have already started tweeting about the possibility that this might be the first time they hear the words ‘Everton’ for the entirety of the Premier League season, while others are starting to worry about this too.

One Twitter user even started an Everton themed Twitter account, which has already more than 2,500 followers.

“Everton fans everywhere are ready for their first ever Everton football club name,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The team name is ‘Ever-ton’.”

However, there are still a few Everton fans out there who are not convinced.

Many are still sceptical about the whole idea, but it looks like this isn’t the first such attempt.

In 2015, the club changed the name of their training ground in order to avoid being seen as a sponsor of football, which led to many Everton fans going against their own training ground motto.

The club also announced that they would change the name to ‘Everday’ in 2016, after their new stadium was completed.

There are also Everton FC fans who are worried about the fact that the new name will come in a time when they are already the highest-earning club in English football.

Some are even speculating that Everton fans could be given the option to rename themselves Everton United Football Club or Everton Football Fans.

Everton have already changed the team name to Everton United FC in 2018, so it’s possible that this could happen again.

However, if Everton is going to do this, they might have to be really bold.

Many Everton fans may be wary of the idea of changing the name, and they might even think that the name ‘Everland’ would be too much for the new team name.

However the most important thing is that Everton can finally get to name the club after one of their biggest fans, so they could change the team’s name again.

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