New York’s ‘super-high-end’ pens arrive at New York City’s ‘faux pen show’

A new collection of pen-shaped, hand-written gifts will be on display at the “Faux Pen Show” at the New York Public Library on Sunday, September 21.

The New York Times first reported on the event, which will run from 8 to 10 p.m.

ET, and the company’s CEO, John DiFilippo, said that “We think this is a great opportunity to celebrate the history of the pen.”

The gifts will include pen-sized sculptures, handwritten lettering, and a handmade handmade card.

Each gift will come with a numbered certificate and a small pen.

The event is a chance for visitors to interact with a real pen, which can then be signed and numbered.

The pen is a replica of the original, and its original owner was a famous British writer named Robert Burns, who wrote a book titled The Story of Pen.

The gift offerings are part of a larger effort by DiFascisto to bring the world’s pen collectors together, which has included pen auctions, writing contests, and an art show.

DiFolini said that the collection of gifts will help “give people a sense of pride in what the pen has accomplished.”

DiFafi, who also runs a fashion company, said the collection is not an attempt to recreate Burns’ work, which was made up of handwritten letters.

Instead, DiFucci’s pens are hand-crafted in his hometown of New Hampshire.

He said the pen makers, who are in their late 20s and 30s, are inspired by the craftsmanship and design of the British artist and their inspiration for the pens.

They’re also interested in the world of the pens, Di Filippo said.

Di Facco and DiFoppi’s Pen Shop will be holding a “real pen show” at their Manhattan headquarters on September 26.

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