The story of how a jeweler, a jeweller, and an orphaned diamond dealer became the UK’s biggest diamond dealers

When her father died, Mary was put to work as a diamond broker in the UK.

Her husband was an accountant and she was working as an independent jeweller.

She worked with a small diamond group in the country and soon became one of the world’s biggest in the US.

Then, on the day she lost her father, she was on the phone to her father’s brother, who worked in the business.

“I said, ‘I know a little bit about this diamond trade.

I know it is a very difficult business.

I am going to be working for you for the next 20 years’,” she recalled.

She was on to something, she said.

The business was a “very big success” but it wasn’t a permanent career.

It was her father who helped her.

In his early years as a trader in the diamond business, Mary sold her father a diamond ring and then went on to open her own shop.

At the age of 40, she started her own business.

It was called The Jewelers Hall, and she had just one client.

By that time, the diamond market was in free fall.

For one thing, there was the lack of buyers for the precious stones.

But the world was becoming more crowded with new products, and more expensive.

The UK had lost its diamond industry and by the late 1990s, many jewelers were laying off workers.

Mary’s clients were mainly overseas buyers.

She had been on the job for 20 years, but she was still finding new clients and making more money.

She was able to expand her business and started selling diamonds at a time when diamonds were seen as more valuable.

Around 2000, Mary started buying jewellery in the Netherlands.

She made it work with the diamond trade, and it took off.

During the next decade, the jewellery business expanded at a steady rate.

It became the biggest in Europe and was one of Britain’s largest.

By 2008, the company had over £30 million in sales.

By then, Mary had left the diamond world behind.

Her father had died, and the jewellers who had worked with her were not sure what to do.

So they hired her to take over.

Mary started by selling jewelry to international buyers and eventually went on buying jewells from jewelers across Europe.

After about a decade of selling jewellels, she retired from the jeweller’s trade.

When I ask her what she thinks of her former profession, she says, “It was a great opportunity.”

In the next few years, the business expanded to more than 100 different countries.

Now it has been bought by a consortium of major investors.

Mary’s legacy: It is the biggest diamond business in EuropeIt is not just about jewellering, though.

She also owned and operated a jewellery and a jewelers hall, as well as an international jeweler.

While the business is not quite what it used to be, it is still a hugely successful one.