Why am I missing my 2-year-old’s silver hollowaren?

My 2-years-old silver hollowear has the same color of the hollowaren that I had bought it from a few weeks ago.

I am also a very big fan of this silver hollowan and am really looking forward to it.

But the holloware item is missing, and I am completely confused about why.

I bought this item at Target in June of this year, when the price was $20.

Now, it is $45.

It is not clear if Target made a mistake or if this item has been moved to another retailer.

I would like to know more, but I have no way of contacting the other retailer.

Is it because the item is different?

I know that Target made the mistake, but it doesn’t explain how.

I want to buy another item, and am hoping that Target will correct the mistake.

I don’t want to give up my perfect silver hollowans.

More silver hollowares:

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