When silver holloware started, it meant business

HENRY LEWIS/THE WASHINGTON TIMES The silver hollowaren, also known as the “black diamond” because of its shape, was the first product made by a company with a sterling silver color, making it a staple of the black diamond market.

The company was called Silver Holloware, and it was established in 1902 by Charles B. Holloware and Robert L. Hollowas.

The silver coin struck in the company’s name was called the “Black Diamond” because the coin had a black and white color.

When Silver Hollowaren started making jewelry, it was made in a way that would be very difficult for anyone to replicate, said David K. Smith, a collector who owns a gold and silver coin dealer in Alexandria, Virginia.

He said the company was very focused on producing and selling high quality silver jewelry for the black market.

“They wanted to be the gold standard for the silver market,” Smith said.

The Silver Hollowares business started when the company started selling silver and silver jewelry in the United States in 1901, according to the National Association of Black Diamond Collectors.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Silver Hollowar was a subsidiary of the American Jewelers Association, which was a trade association of jewelry manufacturers.

The association did not require that Silver Hollowars products be made in the U.S. or to be produced in its factories.

By the late 1930s the company had diversified into jewelry making and selling to foreign markets.

The first of its products made by the company, the “Gold Holloware,” was introduced in 1929.

The Gold Holloware is a solid gold-plated flatware and silver hollowar.

It was the product of the company making the silver hollowares, according.

The coins were manufactured in New York City in the early 1930s.

It is estimated that Silver Hollowares sales reached about $3.2 million in the 1930s and 1940s, according, to the Smithsonian Institution.

The Holloware Company was one of the first silver companies to manufacture its products in the American market, Smith said, and its products have been widely used by people in many countries, including Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

It’s not unusual for silver coins to be imported into a country as part of a trade agreement, said Greg Groshen, a senior silver specialist at the Heritage Foundation.

The holloware coins are the oldest known silver coinage in the world, he said.

There is no way to accurately date the Silver Hollowas production of silver because they didn’t produce any silver until the mid-19th century, said Smith.

The United States began minting silver coins in 1861, the earliest period known to be minted, Smith added.

In 1911, silver was added to the U of S currency and became the official currency of the United Kingdom.

It has been used since then for almost every currency since, he added.

Silver coins were first minted in New Mexico in 1862, but were discontinued in 1916.

Silver Hollowaring has been around since 1902, Smith explained.

In 1902, the company bought the jewelry company that made the silver coins and moved to Alexandria, Va., to start making jewelry.

The family moved the company to New York and began manufacturing in New Orleans in 1914, Smith noted.

By 1920, the family owned about 40% of the business, Smith told the Heritage group.

The oldest known Silver Hollowarie in the market is the “Golden Holloware” struck in 1918, according the Smithsonian.

The “Golden” is a bright-colored silver hollowarer that is a fine, silver-plating flatware.

The name comes from the fact that the coins are bright red in color.

The coin is made from silver plated with gold and is the oldest silver hollowari in the history of the industry, Smith stated.