Glenrose Holloware, Glenrose, Perthshire, Australia

Glenrose Hollowarrie is a small lake located in the Glenrose valley of Western Australia, located between Perth and Cairns.

It is a beautiful lake with a beautiful waterfall and some wonderful sand dunes.

There is a popular swimming hole at Glenrose that is called Glenrose Pool, but it is closed to the public.

Glenrose is a good place for picnics and fishing but it’s also a great place to go hiking, swimming and hiking at night.

The lake is also popular with visitors from other parts of the state.

 Geraldine Hollowarrier is a white sand beach located at the foot of a rock formation in the Lake District, about 30km north of Perth.

Glenrose Lake is a very popular swimming and walking spot with a variety of activities.

This photo was taken at Glenros Hollowarries swimming hole, Glenros Lake.

This is a photo of Glenrose Beach, Glenress Lake.

Glenress Beach is one of Perth’s best known beaches.

It was the location of the famous photo of the Swan Lake in Perth taken by photographer Edward Steers in 1911.

The lake itself is small and there is a large sandy beach in the lake’s western basin, known as Glenros Beach.

A boat is parked in Glenros beach.