How to buy a hollowa on eBay

BUY A HOLLOWAR on eBay for $20,000, and it might just be the best deal you’ve ever made.

The eBay auction site announced on Thursday that the first $5 million purchase of the holloware was made by a member of the public in August, and that it went for $15,000.

It is the first time an eBay auction has sold a holloware in such a way.

It was posted Thursday on the site’s home page.

The listing, which is now being viewed by more than 3 million people, lists a black holloware that comes with a 3,000-watt speaker, a gold-plated cabinet, and a pair of 3-inch speakers, as well as an all-black leather interior.

The seller describes the hollowar as having “one of the most elegant sounding hollowaros ever made, with a deep and clear bass tone.”

The seller said it is a “classic” hollowar that has “very low distortion, excellent bass response, and is highly portable, suitable for long distance travel.”

The seller says that the hollowa is “one in a billion.”

The eBay listing does not give the seller’s exact location, but it is the same location as the one that first posted the auction in July.

The auction site did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The price on eBay is not the only price that could fetch you a hollowar.

It could also come with a $10,000 price tag if you were to buy it in a bid, or a $5,000 bid.