‘I think this guy is a genius’: A young woman who won the lottery to marry her billionaire husband

“I think he’s brilliant,” she said.

“He’s a genius, a brilliant entrepreneur.

He’s a complete and utter disgrace.” “

And I think he should go.

He’s a complete and utter disgrace.”

The couple had three children.

The family also has a fortune of more than $100 million.

Ms Holloware, who lives in the US state of Florida, said she had been told by her husband that he would inherit the fortune.

“I’m not a billionaire,” she told reporters.

She said she was now looking forward to a divorce.

Mr Trump was asked about the story, and responded that he did not know Ms Holloware.

He added that Ms Hollowam was “very smart” and “a smart woman”.

“She has a very good brain,” he said.

ABC News’ Michelle Chen contributed to this report.