How to make your own holloware with a cheap drone

With no fancy computer or software needed, the holloware can be made in minutes.

And that’s because it’s so cheap to make that the cost of making one is only a few hundred pounds.

So why build a drone?

Why not buy one of those cheap drones you can find on eBay? 

For the most part, holloware are simple to make, with simple components and a basic build schedule. 

You can buy a basic holloware kit from HobbyKing, which has an entire section on making holloware for under a thousand pounds, and then make it yourself. 

The kits are also easy to make and assemble. 

In fact, I built mine for about $300 (£200) from scratch. 

A basic hollowaren kit from the HobbyKing section. 

If you don’t want to build it yourself, the cheapest way to make a holloware is to buy one from eBay, and use that money to build your own. 

Here’s how to make one yourself.


Get your own drone. 

There are a lot of options for building drones, but for the most basic models you’ll want a cheap quadcopter. 

Some drones, like the $300 drone, have a single-rotor motor for easy flying, and a range of sensors that can be used to make precise adjustments to the flight path. 

Others, like a $500 one, use two rotors, and have sensors for a range that can vary from five feet to 100 feet. 

I’m talking about the more expensive models, like $600 and more. 

Depending on how you choose to build a hollowaren, you’ll need a minimum of a quadcopters size, and you’ll also need a rangefinder, which lets you find a point in space that’s the closest to your target. 

It’s a bit of a gamble to get a quad-copter with a range, but if you can get a decent drone with that, you should be able to get an empty one to make some pretty impressive aerial shots. 


Build the flight system. 

For this one, I chose the $200 E-Stick.

It’s an inexpensive quadcopt that comes with a transmitter and a receiver. 

Once you’ve got that, the next step is to get your drone ready for flight. 

First, you need to find a suitable spot in the sky where you can fly the drone.

I chose a nearby hill, which meant I could hover for a while and then hop back and forth. 

Next, you can build the flight controller. 

Most hobby drones have built-in flight controllers, which let you control the drone with one hand. 

Using a drone with a built-up, built-on controller is more intuitive than using an electronic joystick on your hand.

So the next time you’re flying, just grab your controller and press it to the target.

The more you can control the flight with your hands, the easier it is to steer the drone as you fly. 


Take the drone out of the box. 

Now it’s time to put the drone into flight.

First, you want to mount the drone on a flat surface. 

That’s because most hobby drones don’t have a stabilizing attachment that can take off from the ground and float to the top of the hill.

Instead, you have to put your drone on its back, and hold onto it for stability. 

Then, take the drone down to the ground. 

With a little practice, you won’t have to worry about falling off the drone, but it’s a good idea to check it every time you fly it. 4.

Shoot some aerial shots of your drone.

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