When Sterling Holloware died: ‘A great loss’

In the early 1970s, an American man named Chester Holloware was in his early 30s when he lost his left arm in a botched automobile accident.

He lived in California, where he was an automobile mechanic, and worked as a salesman for a tire company.

He bought an antique car for $5,000 and began work on a car that he thought was a Cadillac.

He was wrong, and when he finished the car, it was too late to get it fixed.

When he went back to work in 1980, the car had been destroyed.

The car was later auctioned off and used to make holloware cars, which have been used by many celebrities over the years.

The owner of the car died in 2011, and it was sold for $1.4 million to a collector.

The auction house sold the car for an estimated $6.4 to $7 million, according to a report from ABC News.

The buyer of the Cadillac, a man named Tom Clements, was also in his 30s and a dentist.

The man who sold the Cadillac told ABC News he and his wife were “deeply saddened” by the sale, and the car is in “excellent condition.”

It was not immediately clear how much the car was worth.

In a statement to ABC News, the buyer said that he was “very sorry” for what happened to the Cadillac and had offered to sell it for $10,000 to the buyer if it was ever returned.

“We are extremely grateful that our family has been able to buy this wonderful car and that he would be willing to accept our offer,” the statement read.

In addition to the sale of the Carrera, another car sold for the buyer was a 1950 Cadillac coupe that was purchased by an unidentified family in 2008.

The coupe had been driven by an unknown woman, who drove it from the family’s home in Georgia to a private collection in Virginia.

The woman died in 2014.

A third car, which was owned by a man who died in 2013, was sold in 2016 to a family in Canada.

The family has since moved it to a museum in Ontario, Canada.

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