Diamonds in a diamond box – A diamond in a box

Diamonds are worth more than $3.6 trillion according to a new study by a leading global diamond expert, with a diamond as the best investment opportunity in the global market.

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A diamond in the box is a diamond which contains the diamonds that have been cut by a diamond cutter.

The value of a diamond is calculated by comparing its value to its raw material (usually diamond).

For example, a diamond with a purity of 99.9999 per cent is valued at $3,700.

Diamonds in the Box is the only global survey of the diamond industry which uses global research to compare the raw materials used in the cutting of a variety of diamonds and the diamond values.

Key findings:• A diamond is more valuable than a gold or platinum diamond at $7,000.• The value of gold is about $5,600, while platinum is $3 of gold and about $100 worth of platinum.• Diamonds made by the Chinese are worth an average of about $50,000 per pound.• It takes between eight to nine weeks for a single diamond to cut through a diamond, and a diamond cut through three times more than a diamond that is cut by an American diamond cutter (approximately $10,000 to $15,000).

The Diamond Fund said the latest Diamond Report by the Global Diamond Council (GDC) is the first comprehensive analysis of the industry to date and shows that the diamond is worth more today than at any point in its history.GDC chairman Michael Greenfield said the report showed that the demand for diamond is still strong.

“Diamonds are still a high-yielding investment, but their relative scarcity and price volatility have slowed and even reversed,” Mr Greenfield told The Australian.

“Demand for diamonds is still very high and rising, with demand for gold increasing over the last 10 years.”

So the world needs to continue to invest in high-quality, high-return, high growth, high value diamonds.

“We see a very healthy demand for diamonds today and a healthy supply of them.”GDC said the Diamond Fund’s research showed the value of the diamonds they had examined had risen to $7.6tn.

“While the number of diamonds in the world has increased, the value is still higher than it was in 2013 and it is still at the peak of its recent rise, and it will probably continue to rise,” Mr GDC said.

“That is why the price of a single piece of diamond is $5 to $6,000, while the price is currently around $100,000.”

Mr Greenfield also said that the GDC’s report showed there were fewer diamonds in China than at the start of the mining boom.

“China’s growth has been slow, and they are now producing less and less,” he said.

Gold is still the most sought after form of investment, with an estimated value of $6 trillion, followed by platinum at $1.6tr and palladium at $750bn.

Diamond prices are likely to continue their upward trend, with the average price of an ounce of gold at $5.8, while an ounce or more of platinum at an estimated $8,500.

“The global demand for high-end diamonds is likely to grow over the next few years, and the price will continue to increase,” Mr Greensfield said.