How the Republicans lost their soul and replaced it with a nihilist worldview

A new report by the Heritage Foundation reveals a GOP that no longer believes in a strong national defense, and is instead focused on a “trend of increasing polarization and distrust” among Americans.

According to the report, the GOP now believes “that the American people are more divided than ever before, with the public more polarized by race, gender, income, and partisanship than at any time since 1968.”

The Republican Party’s new ideology is “not only incoherent, it is dangerously dangerous.”

The report lays out four areas where the GOP has lost its moral compass.

“First, the Republican Party has abandoned its commitment to ‘the rule of law,'” the report notes.

“Second, the party has abandoned the notion that the law is a substitute for a moral code,” and that “the rule, not the letter of the law,” is the “central value of the Republic.”

And third, the Party has lost sight of the “core principles” of the nation, which include “the respect for individual liberty, freedom, and security.”

“The GOP’s fundamental principles are now more dangerous than ever,” the report says.

In other words, the Republicans no longer believe in the rule of the people.

The Republican party now values “the rights of minorities, women, and the poor over the rights of white, conservative, Christian, Christian Anglo-Saxon men,” the Heritage report says, adding that “this is an extremely dangerous and dangerous time for the Republican party.”

The “tendency to abandon basic principles,” the Republican leadership’s refusal to work with the American public, and their “disloyalty to our Constitution” are just a few of the areas where they are losing their moral compass, the report states.

The report comes after Donald Trump took to Twitter to say that the Republicans are now “in the worst shape” they have ever been in, and “are in deep trouble.”

“I am so pleased that we are in the worst condition I have ever seen in our history,” Trump wrote.

“The Republicans are in trouble because they are no longer about America.

They are about the self-serving power of their billionaire donors.

And they are about their inability to defend our Constitution and the rule in this country of the rich.”

“We are in deep, deep trouble,” Trump added.

The president is right, of course.

Trump is right.

The GOP is in deep deep trouble.

The country is in trouble.

And the GOP is all but abandoned.

The Heritage Foundation report is the latest example of the Republican failure to win back the trust of its voters.

It’s a failing that is now turning into a serious problem.

A year ago, Trump was in the clear on the GOP’s problems.

In a CNN/ORC poll released at the end of February, Trump won 53 percent of the vote and the GOP was in control of the House.

The poll also showed that voters in general supported the GOP, but by a slim margin.

Just 42 percent of Americans said they were very likely to vote for a Republican in 2018, while 48 percent said they “strongly” supported the party.

The numbers were similar in the CNN/PA poll released earlier in March, but in that poll, Trump’s approval rating was even lower than it was in January.

Trump was at 37 percent in the March poll, while 54 percent said that they “somewhat” or “strongfully” supported him.

But in June, a CBS News poll showed that Trump’s overall approval rating dipped to 28 percent, while his disapproval rating rose to 62 percent.

Trump’s performance in the June poll is a perfect illustration of the GOP leadership’s “failure to work together” with the electorate, according to the Heritage Report.

When Trump takes the stage on Wednesday, he’ll face a familiar target for his critics: the House of Representatives.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has said that Republicans need to win over voters in the 2018 midterm elections.

“I think we’re gonna have a big, beautiful, beautiful Democratic majority in the House,” he said in May.

But it seems that he’s been lying to the American voters for far too long.

In fact, Ryan’s claim is so ridiculous that it could be the worst lie he’s ever told.

“If you look at this country for any number of reasons, it’s pretty clear that we’re on a trajectory to a much worse place than we were before the Great Recession began,” Ryan said last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“We’re at the precipice of an economy that will not be sustainable for long.”

That’s what Ryan and other GOP leaders are telling voters.

They’re telling them that their future will be more precarious than it has been in decades.

They believe they have a moral responsibility to fight for a “fairer” economy that is “more inclusive, more equal, more compassionate,” the “less dependent on government and the less reliant on individualism.”